Anxiety cured by itself

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Anxiety can be cured by itself, is this true or not?

Some people with anxiety realize that one day their anxiety was cured without doing therapy or without anti-anxiety medication. So the most important for them is finding anxiety cure

As with life, anxiety also proceed naturally. Anxiety can get worse or getting better because of the natural processes that consciously or unconsciously involve people who suffer from anxiety.

The behavior of any person who suffers from anxiety will impact the anxiety itself. Positive attitudes and behavior of people who have anxiety cause anxiety heal and disappear by itself. In contrast, negative attitudes and behaviors makes anxiety worse and worse.

deep breath for anxiety cure
deep breath for anxiety cure

Small Habits for anxiety cure

  • Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day for anxiety cure.

This is because water can lower blood sugar levels in the body. The cells in our body is about 90% water. When the rate of acute anxiety occurs, the body rushes to defend itself, thus reducing the level of water in our system that is used to help increase the levels of toxic chemicals or even normal.

  • Deep breathing can also reduce anxiety.

Anxiety cure can be done by taking a deep breath. Deep breath in our body has enough oxygen is needed by the body to keep it fresh and calm.

Habits of small but well, as mentioned above, without realizing it reduces anxiety you may suffer.

For severe cases of anxiety, of course, you need a special treatment from the experts. You can get more information about how to cure anxiety here

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