Anxiety When Driving Causes From Bad Driver

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What causes Anxiety When Driving?

The causes for having “anxiety when driving” can vary, however it is interesting to learn that it is actually a form of agoraphobia, which is basically the fear of experiencing a panic attack in a place that is difficult to escape from, for example a car, bus or plane. Anxiety when driving can happen from bad driver. You know that a bad driver will dangerous for herself/himself and even other driver on the road. Yeah, i think it makes a sense that we have to worry about bad driver. When we are worry, actually the anxiety or in more specific we can call anxiety when driving is come to you.

Friend Helps Anxiety When Driving
Friend Helps Anxiety When Driving

Reasons for Experiencing Anxiety When Driving

  • You may have had a bad experience on the road, such as being involved in a car crash either while driving or as a passenger or perhaps you may have witnessed an accident where someone was badly injured.
  • You might be anxious about a having a panic attack while driving, and the fear of this is actually enough to bring about an attack
  • You may be afraid of other people on the road being bad drivers, and worry that someone will crash into you
  • Some people are only anxious while driving in certain places; perhaps you have had a bad experience on a motorway, or down a narrow country lane, or going over a bridge.  This can lead you to avoid these places altogether
  • You may only just recently got your driving licence, and are driving alone for the first time

Agoraphobia is a very unpleasant form of anxiety disorder, and unfortunately once you have experienced an attack in a certain place, you will then associate that place, or similar places, with that attack, and so you build a loop of anxiety, which is fear building on more fear.  Agoraphobia  can develop at any time, but more normally within a year of starting your panic attacks.

Ways to Combat Anxiety When Driving

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective ways of dealing with anxiety disorder.  For instance, if you are suffering from anxiety when driving, what is the worst thing that can happen to you?  You may have to pull over and stop driving, but you are not going to pass out or have a heart attack.  Once you learn that nothing truly disastrous is going to happen, then driving becomes less of an ordeal. One very effective way is to force yourself to confront your fear gradually.  Only drive a  short way to start with, even if it is just around the block;  only drive on quiet roads; don’t drive at night; play some relaxing music as long as you don’t find it distracting. Another help can be to have someone with you, as it stops you from feeling isolated, and you know that if you really feel you can’t carry on driving, you won’t be stuck as there is another person who can take over the driving. Always take a cell phone with you – again, it will stop you feeling isolated as you know help is only a phone call away.

Always Remember – Overcoming Anxiety Is Available

As with other forms of panic disorders,  anxiety when driving can be overcome.

Get help – there is lots available, and one of the best techniques to learn about anxiety when driving is at The Driving Fear Program

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