Driving anxiety may be a quite common kind of anxiety which will direct severity from a hesitation to drive, wherever anxiety is often gift, all the high to a complete refusal to drive in the slightest degree, within which case it becomes driving phobic neurosis. A phobic neurosis may be a concern that’s paralyzing however irrational. Driving phobic neurosis is one in every of the foremost common phobias.

How to Deal with Anxiety

Driving phobic neurosis may be a kind of phobia, virtually outlined as is that the concern of open areas. however it is not the concern of open areas that scares individuals, it is the concern of loss of management. individuals with a driving phobic neurosis concern being treed in a very tie up and unable to flee if they expertise a fearfulness, likewise, they additionally concern passing out, losing management of the vehicle, throwing up or getting in Associate in Nursing accident. for several individuals, driving next to massive trucks may be terribly nerve painful, as may be merging on the state highway or driving within the quick lane.

Driving Anxiety Symptoms

Symptoms of driving anxiety or phobic neurosis area unit just like those of most alternative varieties of anxiety: heart palpitations, wet and wet palms, disorientation, confusion, dizziness, waterlessness and shortness of breath. this can be the classic “fight or flight response”. generally individuals feel that they’re about to die or go crazy. this this may be very shuddery and other people will avoid driving to avoid these reasonably intense feelings. Of course, these area unit simply feelings and even the foremost severe panic attacks do not cause any future unwell effects.

Obviously, this could seriously impact a human ability to perform on a routine if they have to drive to figure or drive for a living, particularly here in Southern CA wherever driving is critical to urge anyplace quick.

Driving anxiety will begin in many ways. sometimes an individual has practiced an occasion like a automobile accident or “close call” which memory continues to be inflicting the psyche to be protecting. Sometimes, though infrequently, this type of hysteria will show up apparently out of the blue. If you’re an individual that’s susceptible to anxiety or concern, then driving could be one place wherever this shows up.

In addition, episodes of low glucose will produce anxiety which might become related to driving, if you happen to be driving once the low glucose takes place. Low glucose may be caused from not consumption or once consumption a meal high in easy carbs or sugar. this can be very true for people who have family histories of polygenic disease or symptom.

Driving anxiety will change into a phobic neurosis although rejection. In alternative words, of you have got some concern of driving and you choose to prevent altogether, it becomes a full blown phobic neurosis and also the additional you avoid it, the tougher it’s to urge back within the saddle, therefore to talk. the nice news is, concern of driving may be a learned behavior. If you have got ever felt comfy driving, then that is something you learned, so if you are uncomfortable now, you can relearn how to be comfortable again.

Driving Anxiety Tips

Here are some tips how to deal with anxiety that will help you get back on the road feeling safe and comfortable and confident. If you are currently not driving due to fear, I highly recommend that you seek help as many have been able to resume driving with the help of a good Therapist or Hypnotherapist.

  • The basics: Avoid driving on an empty stomach. Pay attention to how you feel after eating certain foods, especially those high in sugar or simple carbs (bread, pastries, soft drinks). Drinking alcohol the night before can also trigger blood sugar imbalances. Also, if you are driving while sleep deprived, you are asking for trouble. Start by taking care of yourself.
  • Caffeine: is a known trigger for anxiety. Some of my clients have felt a marked relief in anxiety just by cutting back on caffeinated beverages.
  • Consider car pooling: If you are engaged in conversation you are less liable to think anxious thoughts. You also have to drive half as much. Think this one over carefully, as some people are more distracted while conversing while driving.
  • Manage your stress: A common cause for anxiety is extended periods of overwhelming stress. Do what you can to lower your stress level: exercise, take more breaks, meditation, yoga, etc.
  • Affirmations: Hand write, in script, some positive affirmation about your ability to drive calm, comfortable and relaxed. For example “I’m calm, comfortable and relaxed while driving and enjoying listening to music (the radio, audio books, etc.)” Read them right before you go to bed and right after you wake up. Say them out loud and imagine yourself driving while feeling calm and relaxed. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple exercise.
  • What really stops most people is the anticipatory anxiety: “Oh my God, I need to drive tomorrow out to the west side. I just know this is going to cause me a lot of anxiety. I’m already feeling it!” Instead, try saying something like “Yeah, if I feel anxious I know I can handle it.”
  • Desensitization: This is a therapeutic technique which can help you become more comfortable with what is fearful. I use desensitization with clients while they are in hypnosis. It involves taking small steps to put yourself in situations that trigger anxiety. For example, if you can’t even drive your car, then you might start by sitting in the parked car in the driveway or on the street with the engine on but not moving. Notice whatever anxiety comes up and just be with it. Do that for longer periods of time until you can sit in the car, engine running, without anxiety. When you reach that point, and it may take a few hours or a few days, then drive around the block. If you feel anxiety, just pull over until it goes away, then continue driving. For freeway driving, you might try getting on one on ramp, staying in the slow lane, and then getting off on the next off ramp.

The most important thing to realize is that even though anxiety does not feel good, it will not kill you. It is your reaction to the feeling of anxiety that can make it manageable or not. Instead of fighting anxiety, simply enable it to be. Notice it, and see if you’ll be able to observe it with detachment. Take deep breaths and check out to stay within the nowadays. understand you have got a bent to form anxiety together with your thoughts therefore attempt specializing in one thing else, just like the atmosphere, music, or the cars before of you.

If you’re still driving although you expertise anxiety, the following tips may be useful and smart luck. However, if your level of hysteria is extremely high or if you’re psychoneurotic, you may in all probability want some facilitate. As a hypnotherapist specializing in anxiety, I will tell you that you simply do not got to suffer the anxiety; psychotherapy may be effective for permitting you to drive well, with confidence and safely.