Driving Anxiety On Interstate Roads

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Do you suffer from anxiety when driving on interstate roads? Or on any road? You will be glad to know that you are not alone so do not worry.

I will try and help you with some of the issues surrounding driving anxiety and how you can overcome your fear of driving espedially on interstate roads

Driving Anxiety On Interstate Roads
Driving Anxiety On Interstate Roads

I have suffered numerous times with driving fear on interstate roads also on slippery roads, so I hope I have some good ideas to help you.

What I found was that the driving anxiety actually came from nowhere. I had been driving for years and actually enjoyed it. In fact I loved it so to speak. The only problem being one day I started to get  dizzy in the car and my heart was pumping and pumping. I felt like I was going to drive the car of the road and crash. This often lead to me dumping my car and phoning my fiance to come and pick me up instead. Returning to the car when the driving anxiety had died down days later.


So what you can do to help driving anxiety on interstate roads

  1. Try to stop thinking that it is a problem. As soon as you recognise it as being a problem then you will be in constant fear of doing it.
  2. If you feel yourself thinking about driving anxiety then put some music on or read a book or something to take your thoughts away from the bad feelings.
  3. Look around and see if you are under additional stress. It might not be the driving that is the problem. If you have had a bad day at work, then why did you have a bad day? Was your boss being hard on you, are you under pressure. Think about what you can do to make that situation better.
  4. If you are panicky  in the car. Then slow down and pull over. This is the flight mechanism kicking in, because you want to get away from the danger of the interstate and the car.
  5. Let people know your problem, they might not understand but at least they can be there when you need them.
  6. Avoid the interstate for a while and drive down different roads until you are feeling more confident and thinking less about it being a problem.
  7. You are not alone so do not think there is something wrong with you.

Systems to help you with driving fear on interstate roads

  1. If you have searched for this information then the likely hood is that you need help with driving anxiety and how to overcome your driving fear. So you need to take action otherwise the situation will get worse and worse.
  2. Try the driving fear program. It is trusted and guaranteed around the world. I used it and still continue to use it today.

Driving Anxiety on interstate roads is a nightmare so don’t go through this alone, you have to take action and change your life today for your own sanity

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