Driving Anxiety

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Driving Anxiety is a Subdivision of Anxiety Disorder

Driving Anxiety
Driving Anxiety

Driving Anxiety is a condition in which a person gets extremely nervous. Driving Anxiety can nervous about driving situation. Driving Anxiety is a subdivision of anxiety disorder. a condition of having irrational fear. The fear can be brought by an unpleasant situation. The Driving Anxiety symptoms are very unpleasant. These Driving Anxiety symptoms include recurring thoughts of accidents. Thoughts of other cars closing in. Or ideas about being judged by other drivers.

Driving Anxiety Can Take Anti Anxiety Medications

In many cases an individual who suffers from driving anxiety will refuse to drive anywhere. It is because of the driving anxiety. He or she may even plead for another person to do the driving. This is because of the fear associated with being judged for “bad driving”. The person with driving anxiety does not want to be put into a situation where he or she can be harshly criticized. This person may go to great lengths. And not to have to drive a car.
Driving Anxiety
Driving anxiety does not have to imprison in his or her own home. There are several things that can be done in order to beat driving anxiety. For people who would like to tackle driving anxiety professionally, a psychologist or psychiatrist can help with behavior therapy. There is a such thing called exposure therapy that works with slow exposure the the thing the patient fears. He or she would be gradually exposed to driving and being forced to deal with the uncomfortable feelings. After a certain amount of time, the driving anxiety symptoms would be less severe.

Person who suffers with driving anxiety can take anti anxiety medications too. These medications work by altering the chemical makeup of the brain and promoting relaxation. Some may act more as sedatives. some may not be good for this particular anxiety issue.

For the brave individual who would like to battle this illness alone can try to breath. Breathing is an excellent technique. Breathe slowly when one begins to feel uncomfortable. Slow breathing releases chemicals that promote relaxation. Much like some of the anti anxiety drugs. Breathing should be done before the person puts himself or herself in the situation which will promote an anxiety attack.

Driving Anxiety – The Conclusion

Another thing that can be done to battle driving anxiety is a mental procedure called shifting. Shifting is the act of taking negative thoughts and forcing them out of the mind. By replacing them with other more positive thoughts. The mind can only focus on one thing at a time. Therefore, if a person is thinking of something that is pleasant, he or she can not have driving phobia at the same time.

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