Panic Attacks Self Help For Driving Phobias

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Panic Attacks Self Help For Driving Phobias

Panic Attacks In my case – driving is what generally would caused my anxiety attacks. If you experience panic attacks self help methods that include natural techniques of dealing with anxiety are in my opinion – by far the safest and most efficient way of getting rid of anxiety for good.

panic attack when driving
panic attack when driving

It wasn’t until much later that I was properly diagnosed with suffering from an anxiety disorder. I never suffered with panic and anxiety attacks before, never mind experiencing one while I was driving. Those who relate with my experience can fully understand just how terrifying the experience is.

Here is my story of how I overcame panic attacks through self-help methods and got back on driving without worry or panic:

Panic Attacks Occurred While Driving Into Town

I was driving into town one evening with my wife – to celebrate our anniversary – when all of a sudden I started to feel quite odd. I couldn’t really say how I felt but I wasn’t being myself. I startled my wife – cause she asked me what was going on and I remember telling her that “I don’t feel good, I need to pull over quickly! ”

My Panic Attacks Felt Like A Heart Attacks

I started to get light headed and dizzy. My palms were all of a sudden wet and sweaty. Thankfully I managed to pull over from the road. My heart was thumping rapidly and I was shaking violently, my breathing changed and I felt a tightness in my chest. I thought I was having a heart attacks! This lasted for 20 minutes and felt like the most frightening experience I had ever gone through and I wouldn’t wish for anybody to experience.

I was told I was having a Panic Attacks

When the paramedics arrived – they probed me quickly and told me that I was having an anxiety attacks and not a heart attacks. They gave me a tranquilizer and within 5 minutes I was beginning to calm down.

My Doctor Confirmed The Paramedic’s Conclusion and I was Given A Course of Anti -Depressants and Anxiety Medication

My doctor diagnosed me with suffering from an anxiety disorder and that the best method of treating it was through anti-depressants and tranquilizers.

Back home my wife went over the instructions on how to take them was shocked and worried about the side effects associated with them. She was convinced that the side effects from these pills would be far worse that the attacks itself. And she knew many of her friends that had become addicted and dependent to the tranquilizers and wanted to find more effective and less dangerous means of treating my anxiety disorder and fear of driving.

After hours of research and sifting through medical information on anxiety disorder we found the answer

For panic attacks self help methods seemed to have been tried successfully by many former sufferers. My wife and I spent days, sifting through the internet looking for self help cures, treatments and tips for overcoming panic attacks and fear of driving.

The most significant we came across –being able to overcome “the fear” of experiencing another attack –while driving. You see after the attack – I was living in fear of driving and was terrified of having another attack behind the wheel. I needed to drive to get to work and this became a problem for me, for my wife and my family.

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panic attack can sometimes be difficult to deal with, particularly if you do not understand what to do next. driving is vital, specifically when you want to ensure that you have the very best possible approach to driving and panic attacks

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