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Phobia of driving – During conditions of Phobia of driving, you find it quite difficult to drive a vehicle. Have you ever felt you hands shaking  while you hold the steering and your forehead sweating.

Such things happen when you feel afraid that you might not be able to control your car while driving on the road.

Phobia of Driving
Phobia of Driving

Phobia of driving can lead to frequent panic attacks and thus you find yourself absolutely shaking and unconfident on road.

If you live in an area quite remote and inaccessible, you are left with no other option other than to drive for your requirements. Under such circumstances, if you become a victim of fear of driving then your inconveniencies are enormous.

When you are a novice and driving for the first time, you are afraid to give the first start and you do feel nervous to explore the open roads as an inexperienced and learning driver.

You feel so tense and panicky that it becomes difficult for you to clear the first driving test. At this stage, you are first taught to gain control over your nerves and then to have a grip on the steering.

The trainers first try to increase your level of confidence and then train you to be a perfect roadrunner.

What happens when you suffer from Phobia of driving?

You have the fear that you may lose control and cause an accident
You are afraid to drive on congested town roads
The fear is so intense that you become confused and fail to take the correct action
You avoid driving in heavy traffic areas
You don’t feel like driving in poor weather conditions
You avoid joining motorways
You are completely tensed while you are about to approach junctions, roundabouts and the vistas of numerous lanes
You don’t want to go out of the house and make excuses for not driving
While you drive, you feel tremendously anxious and uncomfortable

Phobia of driving also known as Hodophobia are caused due to several reasons and the conditions can be anything from mild apprehension to debilitating full-scale panic attacks.
However, such self-manifestations of fear of driving are learned behaviors and they can be completely eradicated following a right treatment procedure.

Symptoms of Phobia of driving

  • An absolute feeling of weirdness
  • Severe heart palpitations
  • You feel as if you are going to faint
  • Your chest starts paining
  • You sweat excessively and your throat becomes dry
  • You are unable to breathe properly and your legs start shaking
  • You feel sick and dizzy
  • You can’t even hear or see properly

The symptoms of fear of driving are so intense and devastating that they make you feel like an insane. You feel as if you can’t keep control over your nerves and you can injure an innocent on the road.
All seem so sordid and degrading. What is most pathetic is that you feel like running away from the situation. You want to escape the condition but you can’t and so you feel the whole world going topsy-turvy.

However, the reality is that there is nothing so fearful regarding a drive on the road. The fear you associate with the action is completely irrelevant.

Treatment options for Phobia of driving are several, but the best way to combat the condition is to take the driving fear program, the most recommended program for overcoming phobia of driving

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